Tips To Avoid Excess Sugar In Your Diet

Integrative medicine: Diet and dementia

We dont think of them as being sugary. Theyre salty and they turn into sugar in our bodies and that drives that inflammation, she said. A breakfast of cereal, orange juice, and milk looks like a healthy choice, but, All of the carbohydrates combined in there is still going to turn into about 20 teaspoons of sugar in your bloodstream, she said. A better choice: a couple of scrambled eggs and some fresh fruit. For lunch, many of us like to pack a sandwich and some chips, but even using whole wheat bread adds to our sugar intake for the day.
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In a study of 9,000 adults, published in 2012, researchers showed that people who ate fast food on a regular basis, as well as processed carbohydrate foods like doughnuts and croissants, were 40 percent more likely to develop depression compared to those who did not eat these foods. The mechanism behind all of this may actually begin in the gut; a high-sugar, high-carb diet produces negative changes in the bacteria that reside in our GI tracts, leading to the production of inflammatory chemicals that subsequently drive chronic disease, including cognitive issues and mental health disorders. Given that dementia and depression are both on the rise in Western countries, and given that drug treatment is expensive and often unsuccessful or unsatisfactory, doesnt it make sense to boot the fast food and doughnuts and reach for the kale and carrots instead? If most of us made an effort to eat well, stay physically fit, get garcinia cambogia side effects plenty of rest and stay mentally active, we might save Medicare from bankruptcy after all.
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